LEG WARMER to reduce pain and give comfort

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Do not let pain in your leg stop you for doing the things you want, try our leg warmer, it is wonderful, soft and warm! Leg warmer fits nicely on legs and calf muscles and keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. It is suitable for cycling, running, walking, resting and sleeping, when you prefer the warmth against pain. Leg warmer is mainly a warmer, but also gives light support with adjustable strap band on your ankle and lower knee. If you are using splint, it is a good support product, while resting from the splint, where it gives comfort and wonderful warmth. Enjoy!

Volcano Warmers mission is to improve performance in your daily, indoor and outdoor activities and increase mobility by reducing pain, swelling and stiffness. Awarded Volcano Warmers can be used day and night, through demanding physical activity to full rest. Volcano Warmers are suitable when walking, working, training, relaxing and sleeping. Volcano Warmers keep selected body areas warm, dry and comfortable.

Leg warmers are in 3 sizes, S-M-L

The properties of the high quality fabric Volcano Warmers are made of, allow adjustable pressure giving extra support on tender and painful areas. The unique thermal properties of Volcano Warmers lies in the outer layer, 100% natural and uniqe icelandic wool. Icelandic wool has the extraordinary ability to retain body temperature quickly and sustain it due to the wool´s purity and extraordinary insulation characteristic derived fromt he famous hardy icelandic sheep stock. Inner layer is high quality fleece that gives extra support , comfort and gentle on the skin.

Volcano Warmer have been tested on people with various kinds of pain and tenderness and on arthritis patiends in cooperation with the Icelandic League against Rheumatism and found out to:

  • Offer deep warmth and support
  • Reduce pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Assist with sleep
  • Offer all-day comfort

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