About Icelandic Sheep wool

The unique thermal properties we use is 100% natural and unique Icelandic sheep wool. Icelandic sheep wool has the extraordinary ability to retain body temperature quickly and sustain it due to the wool's purity and extraordinary insulation characteristic derived from the famous hardy Icelandic sheep stock. Icelandic sheep wool is almost 100% organic and is the warmest in the world. 

The sheep stock in Iceland is the original breed from the Nordic Vikings Settlers in Iceland around 900. The reason for the origin is the isolation of the Volcanic Island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The breed also evolved to survive the harsh and cold environment in Iceland and also gained more intelligent with outstanding abilities to help the farmers and shepherds manage the flock on pasture, namely the so-called leader-sheep. Icelandic sheep's have a great part of Icelanders survival since settlement for their warm wool, meat and intelligent. The wool was more valuable than the meat because of its warmth. 

We have great respect for our sheep's in Iceland. Over the winter the sheep's are kept indoor but over the summer most sheep's live freely in the mountains and are gathered each fall from the mountains. Icelanders outside cities need to protect their gardens against the sheep's with fences and when you are travelling on the main road around Iceland, you may need to stop several times where sheep's stand in the middle of the road, just passing through and you just have to wait for their passing. 


Characteristics of the Icelandic wool

Unique in its composition, Icelandic wool consists of two types of fibres: 

Inner Fibres - insulating: 

Fine, soft, highly insulating.

Outer Fibres - water repellent:

Long, glossy, water-repellent. 

Together, these two distinctive fibres create a wool that is:

Lightweight - lighter than most other wools, keeps you warm and comfortable.

Water-repellent - repels rain and stays feeling dry.

Breathable - moisture passes through the fibres away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.


How to wash Icelandic Wool and Volcano Warmers:

Hand wash only in lukewarm water (30°C / 86°F). Do not rub or wring but gently squeeze the liquid through the garment. If necessary, spin for about few seconds to remove excess moisture. Dry flat, smooth the garment out and pull gently into shape.

It is often enough to air a woollen garment thoroughly, rather than washing it.


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