Steinunn Ketilsdottir

I am an Icelandic Valkyrie that started my Volcano Warmers journey eight years ago. It has been a wonderful journey and great opportunity to do the things I love to do, creating. I have had the privilege to design the warmers for people to relieve joint pain. I have a Master degree in Business Performance Management from Aarhus University in Denmark with over 12 years broad management experience. 

Iceland is absolutely a beautiful country with lovely, energised and stubborn people that are descendants from Nordic Vikings. Inhabitants live calmly along with Mother Nature in this volcano island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Mother Nature reminds us regularly of her power with volcano´s eruption, earthquakes and bad weathers. People that are raised in this remarkable country grow up also with fantastic stories like elves living in stones, trolls living in mountains, witchcraft's, 13 teasing Icelandic Santa Clauses living in the mountains with their terrible mother that eats bad behaved children and their useless father along with a black cat that eats children that don't wear new clothes at Christmas. Imagine to grow up with all this stories, nature, history and imagination.

So here I am, a proud Icelander that lives in England and hopes you will enjoy the products that I have here to offer for you. If you have any questions you can send me an email at steinunn(att)

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If you are interested in any of our fashion clothes, just send me an email. 

Some pictures from Iceland Fashion Week 2011: